Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spiritual Talent

Spiritual Talent

What spiritual talent do I have? This was a question I was once asked, here is my answer.

Love. And yes Love is a spiritual talent. Pure unconditional love as expressed from the Source of sources is what runs this Universe of ours and all the rest as well. Love is not something you 'Do', Love is something you 'Allow'. One must only allow the Divine Light to shine through as our sun shines upon us. The sun shines just as brightly on the rich as the poor. The sun does not care what color the skin is, or what country you were born in. The sun is not influenced by ANY social institution. That is how we must allow our Light to shine from us. We can allow it to illuminate the Divine in ourselves and in everyone and everything we encounter in our lives.

Bill Schell
(AKA) Mr. Moon
Frater Frabato