Sunday, February 23, 2014


Once Upon a time, Time itself did not exist.  Do you believe/Can you perceive that to be true?  What if Time still does not exist?  It does not, at least not the way most of us perceive it.  Time does exist upon the physical, but does it above? Maybe, but in a different way from a different perspective.  What if before and after are happening at the same time on another plane?  The Past, Present, and Future all happening at once.

Meanwhile on the physical all we have is the Now, this moment which is ever changing.  The only constant is change itself.  The past is over, the future is yet to be. We are here now to learn from the Past while living in the Present in such a way as to make the Future that which we wish it to be.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Full Disclosure-Time to Give

I grew up poor in the South of the U.S...  We received food Stamps.   We also picked up our commodities like Cheese, canned goods, powdered milk and other staples once a month.  I remember more than once also going to a food bank for other things to get us through the month.   I got shots and Immunizations from the county to stay healthy.   I qualified for and got free lunches at the school as well.

 I worked every year of high school, at least during the summer from the time I was 16.  That first summer job was only possible due to a state program.  A program which granted funds to a tiny town council/city hall.   This in turn allowed the city to hire a few teenagers to mow, run a weed eater and other general outdoor cleanup.  I paid for my own clothes with the money I earned, this way I got wear what I wanted. Senior year I worked at the school after school-cleaning.  People would be leaving and there I was pushing a trash can to start on some of the outbuildings.  With this money I paid for my own car-well used-but mine none the less. 

I was raised a lot by my grandparents.  My grandfather drove a garbage truck for a long time.  My grandmother worked mostly cleaning hospital rooms.  My mother also worked at least for awhile in the same hospital cleaning as well.  For awhile I remember my mother working as a maid at some type of hotel.   I think at some point all of my four uncles also drove a garbage truck.  Off and on we lived as, what I guess they call now, a Multi-Generational Family-cheaper that way.

As a child I was conscious of the fact that we were poor.  I never tried out for any team or group that would require any type of expense or travel because I did not want my family to have to figure out how to pay for it.  What I did do however was read and study.  The only way I was ever likely to go to college was through a full scholarship.  I actually ended up with a Full Academic scholarship to the local university because of a great score on the ACT.  I really only used that one semester.  After which time instead of signing up for the next semester I signed up for the Marine Corps instead.  After six years of active duty I was Honorably Discharged from the Marine Corps.  I decided to try college again, this time using the GI Bill.  Thanks to the GI Bill and a Pell Grant, I was able to afford a two year Associates degree.  One of those years I worked two different jobs one from 1-5PM, then the next started at 6PM-9 or 10PM.  I eventually was able to cut back to just one part time job most of the second year and actually had time to study and do homework.  

I was lucky enough to get a job that paid great, especially for this state.  It was a Union job with good pay and good benefits.  I will forever be a supporter of Unions because of this job.  Now for the past year and a half I have been working in a management position.  I never would have got this position without the degree.  I never would have gotten the degree without the GI Bill and Pell Grant.  I never would have received the GI Bill or Pell Grant without government help.  Without the ACT scholarship, I never would have been able to go to college in the first place.  Well before that even; with help from the federal, state, even county and school boards I was able to go to bed healthy and well fed.  Being healthy and fed made it much easier for me to be able to learn and get the grades which made all of this possible.

Without help from others including Government, I do not know where I would be today.  I am fairly certain it would not be sitting in this office, writing over lunch.  This is why I give to Food Banks and support local groups which help those in need.  I know I am but a few steps removed from where they are now.  It is my turn to give back as it was given to help my own family.

Bill Schell