Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lessons From a Tree

Lessons from a Tree

Which is more evolved a person or a tree? The quick and perhaps obvious answer for many people is that a person is more evolved. Upon closer examination I personally am not too sure that is entirely correct. I have no doubt that in certain aspects people may be more evolved. However, I am beginning to believe that the opposite is also true.

A tree adapts to it's environment and also, to some extent at least, adapts the environment to itself. A tree seems more patient than most people. A tree is born with everything it needs to survive, thrive and grow. A tree is self-sufficient. It does not need help from anyone or anything except the sun and the earth. A tree has two sources of nourishment, the Sun above and the Earth below. A tree is thus suspended between the Above and the Below. A tree is sustained by a balance between the Above and the Below.

Those of us that are walking our own Path of Return should be seeking to find that balance of the Above and the Below within ourselves. Maybe we should watch a tree and see how it finds balance. A tree's branches are reaching out to the above even as it's roots are reaching out to the Below. As the limbs and branches of the tree go further out and thus further into the Above, the tree's roots are also at the same time growing further into the Below. Perhaps there is a lesson in there somewhere that would help us on our Path of Return.

Even as we seek out the higher planes, as long as we remain manifested on the physical plane, we must keep ourselves attached to this plane of existence. We need to keep ourselves attached and grounded to Mother Earth. We cannot ignore the Below in our quest. The Below is but a reflection of the Above and as such should be studied. There are a lot of things the Earth, and in this case a tree can teach us, if we but open our eyes and truly see.

Bill Schell
(AKA) Frater Frabato

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