Monday, April 16, 2012

Not My Will, but Thine.

Not My will but Thine

Sometimes we must all decide to live the occult maxim, `Not my will but Thine'. No matter how much energy we put into something if our will is opposed to the Universal Law, we tend to lose the battle. If this happens, do I feel like I have failed? Do I feel abandoned by the Universe? The answer to both questions is a resounding, NO.

How can I possibly feel like I succeeded in anything? Well, for one thing when working for something beyond my own personal level all I ever ask for is that the outcome that is truly for the planet's and the Universe's greater good be accomplished. I place my faith and trust in the Universal Archetype's hands. That Archetype is known by many names. Call it whatever you choose; THE ALL, Goddess, God, Lord of the Universe, Sky Father, All Father, or a more specific name such as Krishna or Buddha or Christ or Allah it is still subject to the same Archetype.

We are subject to the Universe's Will by whatever name we know that Will. Our own individual will does influence our individual world, but we operate within the boundaries of the Universal. At least we must until we become one with the Universe on a much higher level. As we continue to raise our own Vibrational level, we grow ever closer to the Universal Level. In our personal evolution we may reach a point where we are not only one with the Universe, but we yet Become the Universe. It is at that point where we can decide what is best for an entire Universe and only then. Personally I know I have quite a ways to go to reach that level. Since I am not qualified to make a Universal level decision, I accept the Will of the Universal Archetype and say, `Not my will but Thine'.

Bill Schell
(AKA) Frater Frabato
Formerly and Sometimes still known as Mr. Moon


  1. I wrote the original version of this in 2004.

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