Monday, April 9, 2012

Nature Unaided

Nature Unaided

There is a certain Occult Maxim that states, `Nature unaided fails.' If taken at face value and if Nature is interpreted as correlated to Mother Nature or the Earth and all her species, many including myself would tend to disagree with this great Occult Maxim. It is one of my personal beliefs that Nature, as defined above, as opposed to failing if unaided actually thrives when not `aided' by humans. Nature will find a way to survive. Ever see grass growing up through a sidewalk? A blade of grass somehow gets through solid concrete, how is that possible? If left alone without human interference Nature would even take back control of our largest urban areas. Apparently that is actually happening right now in parts of Detroit. Nature is thriving all on its own.

So if the Maxim is not really talking about Nature as in Mother Earth, to what then does the Maxim refer? Could it be Human Nature? If the Maxim does actually mean human nature to what part of human nature does it refer? Could it be our Subconscious? If so, is it really possible for our subconscious to fail? Our subconscious produces that which we, through the messages and images we inundate it with, desire. Our subconscious does everything in its power, which is quite vast, to give us that for which we have asked. The problem many people face, whether realized or not, is that we are sending messages and images to our subconscious that actually work against that for which we are striving. In that respect, I do not believe the subconscious can actually fail.

We may say, for example, I want to lose weight. Our goal in turn becomes to lose weight. What happens if we do not actually perform some physical actions such as diet and exercise? We should not expect to lose weight while continuing to do nothing to bring about the desired result, some action is required. If, on the other hand, we do perform the required physical and mental actions and send these messages and images to our subconscious it will in turn focus its power to help bring about our desired goal. Once the subconscious and conscious minds are working in conjunction rather than opposed to each other, the desired goal will begin to manifest.

What then does this all mean? At least in part to me it means, that to bring about the desired result we must aid our subconscious mind through the use of images and symbols and action to bring subconscious and conscious into alignment. We must get our subconscious and conscious minds working together. Once conscious and subconscious are focused on the same goal and if that focus is maintained that goal can be achieved. In the end I agree with Occult Maxim, `Nature Unaided Fails' to bring about our desired result.

Bill Schell
(AKA) Frater Frabato
Formerly and Sometimes
still known as
Mr. Moon


  1. Love your posts. :)) They always make me think. Very well done. I agree with a lot of this. :)))))) I will be thinking about it for the next hour as I always do when i read your posts! :))))) Blessings :)))))))

    1. Glad you enjoy them. I like to make people think. Thanks reading and taking the time to comment.