Friday, February 6, 2015

Wise Words???

Wise Words???

What makes words wise?  Words are just words.  So are any Words of Wisdom, truly wise unto and upon themselves?  I am going to have to say No, they are not.  The words may be good. They may pass along a teaching or lesson, but they are still just words.  It is not until the words are understood and then acted upon that they become Wise.  Understanding these words do not make them Wise.  It makes them Knowledge, but  still not Wisdom.  Knowledge is just that knowing.  Wisdom, however, is acting upon that knowledge in a way that is for the benefit of all.  

Remember this lesson: Knowledge itself does not make one Wise.  It is only upon taking action based upon this knowledge that Wisdom truly begins.  This concludes today's Words of Wisdom for the Wise.  Going back to Pondering the Interconnectedness of ALL while maintaining that Magical Equilibrium.

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