Monday, December 1, 2014

Earth Banishing?

Earth Banishing?

A part of casting a circle or calling the quarters in most Wiccan/Pagan/Ritual Magician groups is to draw or trace or at least visual a Pentagram in each of the four directions.  It is also almost without a doubt always an Earth Banishing Pentagram that is drawn.  Even if those doing it did not know they were actually performing an Earth Banishing.  Even that most Esoteric ‘Lesser Banishing Ritual’ only uses the Earth Banishing Pentagram.  Each Element does have it own Pentagram, two actually one for Banishing and another for Invoking.  When invoking an element, we draw starting from the opposite point or our element.  If we wanted to banish an element we start from that particular elements point on the pentagram.   

The question that popped into my mind recently is whether or not some folks even knew that they were doing an Earth Banishing at each quarter.  Then the follow up question would be, ‘Do they know why they are drawing an Earth Banishing?’  My own thought wavers there, I feel some do likely know why, but the majority is probably just doing what they were taught or read somewhere along the path.    

There are likely multiple reasons only the Earth Banishing is taught.  One of which is that this particular sign/symbol will provide protection against other forces or interference.  It will also serve for any opposing/interfering Astral force.  Another reason is this was taught openly to the Outer orders or Neophytes.  That is the reason it is to be found written down and is not a secret.   In certain Esoteric and or Western Mystery schools the rest of the Pentagrams were taught later after the student exhibited understanding of what had been given thus far. 

Let me give one final reason of own understanding. To cast a circle is create a Sacred Place.  We create a space that is ‘between the worlds’.  I know most have heard that phrase once the circle is set.  Well, how do we create a space on the Earth that is not strictly Earthly?  How about if we Banish all Earthly influences within the space?  That sounds like a good place to start, does it not?  If we Banish Earth, within our space we are no longer bound by the Earth are truly in a space ‘Between the Worlds’.  

Bill Schell
(AKA) Frater Frabato
Formerly and always knows as Mr. Moon

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