Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Intellect

This keeps popping into my head so I got to get it out.  Look away now or suffer the stream of consciousness that is about to ensue. ;-)

 Plato called Aristotle 'The Intellect'.  However, he did NOT mean that as a compliment.  Aristotle Was smart, gifted-even intellectual. However, Aristotle was ALL Mind/Brain.  Did not balance the Mind with the heart or rest of the body for that matter. Plato may have been more of a Meta-physician if you will, while Aristotle was Pure Science. Nothing wrong with Science, it is great actually.

Reasoning however, should be tempered by more than Logic/Mind. Balance should be the goal.  Not too much feeling/Heart, but not too much logic/Mind either. Knowledge is simply knowing/being aware of things.  Wisdom is putting that knowledge to good use, for the betterment of ALL.

By all means be Intellectual. Read, Learn, Discuss.  Remember, however, to temper that Logic with Body and Soul through the Heart. I myself am proudly Intellectual, at least by the Modern Standard.  I also seek to balance my reason with Heart and Soul.

 I think that is gist of what has been bouncing around in my head.  Hopefully at least one person will read it and Understand...

Bill Schell
(AKA) Frater Frabato

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