Tuesday, March 11, 2014

To My Temple I Am Faithful

I awoke the other morning with the phrase 'To my Temple I am faithful' in my head.  I heard it in a dream like state just before I woke up, one minute before the alarm.  I heard it not in English-at least not only in English.  It was in many languages all at the same time.  Including Latin, In templo meo me fidelem.  I rather like that I heard it in many languages as well. I understood it in all of them all at once, which seemed to add a greater perspective.

'To my Temple, I am Faithful.'  I have been Pondering that phrase since hearing it.  What Temple? The inner Temple. The Temple that is inside us one and ALL. That temple not built with hands.

'To my Temple, I am Faithful.'  This simple phrase speaks volumes, to me at least.  It is a simple phrase with a much deeper meaning.

'To MY Temple, I Am Faithful.'  It is my own Temple as it is lies within me.  From it I reach the Most High. My Temple connects me to ALL.  It does so because it is within everyone else as well. I would venture to say it is in Every Thing else as well.

Another way to state this might be, 'To my Heart, I am True.'  Or one might pledge to be True to the Core.  All these phrases hit upon the same truth, which is, there is a Sacred space within us all.  It is a Sacred Temple which connects our Mind, Body, and Spirit.  It is a Temple through which we are connected to the greater whole. 

'To my Temple, I am Faithful.' I love it. I Love my Temple and it is filled with Love.

'To my Temple, I am faithful.' I Will be Pondering that phrase for some time to come.

'To my Temple, I am Faithful.' What does that mean to you?

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