Friday, November 30, 2012

The Devil Made Me Do It

The Devil Made Me Do It

Be it for good or for ill, the Devil cannot make a person do anything. Each person is free to make their own decision. For this reason the devil gets a bad reputation in my opinion. I also want to say the Devil as known by many is misunderstood. Let us look at the Tarot, specifically Key 15 for an illustrative example.

Key 15, as is true of all Keys, has many different levels of interpretation. Depending on ones own level of development a different response may be evoked. The Devil may be seen as the Dweller on the Threshold, or the Tempter of those seeking enlightenment.  The Devil is the symbol of the One that is in charge of the severe trials all must face. This Tempter is really our own Higher Self helping to prepare us all for enlightenment.

This figure is depicted as grotesque. It is an amalgam of parts from seemingly several different beings. However if one looks closer, the wings, goat’s horns, eagle’s claws and torch could suggest a combination of the four elements albeit in a distasteful way. It is also worth noticing that the chains around the necks of the human figures are loose and could easily be removed if only they realized how they were bound. The Pentagram upon his brow is inverted. The inverted Pentagram is a symbol of the falsehood that man is dominated by the elements in the physical world.

If in our Mind we turn that Pentagram around then the Devil who is ugly, due to his inharmonious nature, begins to be transformed into the Angel that is our Higher Self. Imagine yourself as one the human figures. The two figures start to feed each other with the energies of Love. They are giving each other new energy, new insights because the light filling them both is the energy of Love. Stop to truly feel that energy. Now, filled with Love, together to two figures are ready to face the Devil.

Look at him, does he look scary now? Not anymore because you are seeing him with freshly opened eyes. You see him as a dreamed up combination of symbols. Together the figures can transform him through the joy of seeing him for what he really is. Keep the energy flowing between the figures; now pour out that Love to the Devil. All things can be overcome with Love. There is now an exchange of energies between the figures and the Devil above. He is being filled Love and Light. You can even laugh at him now because a new vision of his true self is being revealed.

As the figures continue to send energies to the Devil suddenly he is transformed. The figure that was there before was never real. He was only a dream, a nightmare. Yet, it is that nightmare that woke you up. You could not wake up to wisdom without first encountering the Devil. Even in that old form, the Devil taught us to search for the Light. All the time he was really an Angel, the Higher Self.

What The Devil really looks like is the figure from Key 6, The Lovers. The same human figures are also on the card as well. The figures are now no longer bound in this Key and have been transformed themselves.

The beginning of Wisdom is Ignorance or rather the realization of that ignorance. That is what the Devil represents as well. If unaware this image is seen as materialistic or evil. However, once we learn to see him as he truly is, we see he was an Angel and a teacher all along. The Devil does not make anyone do anything. They do these acts all on their own, it is their own ignorance that allows these actions to be committed. Once we all become aware that we and everything in this Universe truly are One, these acts will stop.

Bill Schell
(AKA) Frater Frabato
Formerly and sometimes still known as Mr. Moon


  1. People tend to forget that the Devil worked WITH God- he was the Adversary. In that role, he exploited ignorance, fear, hate, and all of the negative impulses of humanity.

  2. I emcountered the Devil when I was 14 Bill. My experience matches with what you say. The Devil put the onus on me to make a choice, but never forced me to do anything. He offered power, (said if I wanted it I could have it), but even at that early age I knew that I didn't want it so I rejected his offer and was left alone. The Devil has never bothered me since. Thanks for your interesting post.

  3. Glad you agree and liked it Persephone.